MEHIP - Municipal Employees Health Insurance Program - Office of the State Comptroller
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Administered by 90 Degrees Benefits, formerly Stirling Benefits, Inc.

MEHIP stands for the Municipal Employees Health Insurance Program. The program waives the usual 1.75% state insurance premium tax for select plans.

Why does MEHIP exist?

In the mid 1990’s MEHIP was created to help municipalities lower the cost of health insurance. The program was expanded over time to include other types of employers.

Who is eligible?

  • Municipalities
  • Municipal subdivisions (boards of education, housing authorities, senior centers)
  • Non-profits that receive state funding
  • Employer groups between 2-50 employees

How does it work?

90 Degree Benefits coordinates the monthly billing for the group. Groups and members receive coverage through Anthem under the same provisions they would have if they went to Anthem direct, except for several additional advantages, depending on group size.

  • Groups with 2-50 employees typically receive a discount of 3.75% off the usual premium when they join MEHIP.
  • Groups with more than 50 employees may also receive additional underwriting concessions and do not pay the usual 1.75% premium tax that applies to most other plans. Groups receive a monthly bill from 90 Degree Benefits who coordinates the enrollment, provides COBRA services, and transfers funds to the carrier.

What is covered?

The insurance carrier is currently Anthem of CT. Anthem offers a suite of some of their most popular fully insured plans under the MEHIP coverage umbrella. Employers may choose to offer one or more health plans to offer their employees under a single billing arrangement provided by 90 Degree Benefits (formally Stirling Benefits). 90 Degree Benefits also provides COBRA administration and can arrange for an add on HSA, HRA or a tax preferred Flexible Spending plan for Medical, dependent care and travel expenses.

What plans are offered?

Plan offerings change so contact your agent or 90 Degree Benefits for a listing of current MEHIP eligible plans.

How do I find out more?

Contact your insurance agent or call 90 Degree Benefits at (203) 876-1660.